We help grow sustainable brands on Shopify, multiplying their positive impacts on society.

We’re becoming the world’s leading ecommerce agency for growing sustainable brands on Shopify. Let’s take sustainability to the mainstream.

As a Shopify Partner Agency, we leverage the power of the platform to design, build and optimize beautiful ecommerce websites for fast-growing sustainable brands. We love partnering with sustainable brands to help them grow through Shopify development and website design servicesemail marketing services, and search engine optimisation services.

Select Sustainable Brands

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Our Work

We multiply positive impacts for sustainable brands on Shopify.

Thooja is a Dublin Shopify Partner Agency. We design, develop, and optimize ecommerce stores for sustainable brands using Shopify.

Trusted Partners

Our Tech



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Thooja works closely with Shopify and Shopify Plus to deliver best-in-class commerce experiences for high-growth sustainable ecommerce brands.

Facebook ads

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Thooja partners with Facebook to provide revenue-generating campaigns that grow your sustainable brand.

Email Marketing

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Thooja partners with Klaviyo to provide revenue-generating email marketing services, fueling your sustainable ecommerce brand’s growth.

Search engine optimisation

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Thooja works closely with SEMRush to implement SEO strategies that grow your sustainable brand’s organic traffic.

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