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Why We Care About Sustainability

Infinite ecommerce growth is not possible on a planet of finite resources.

We love helping ecommerce brands scale and sell more online. We achieve this by designing world-class Shopify ecommerce stores for our brands optimised for maximising conversation rates, and then driving additional traffic to brands’ stores through Klaviyo email marketing, paid advertising on Facebook and Google, and Shopify search engine optimisation.

We’ve been working with ecommerce brands on Shopify since 2016. During our five years of trading, our planet’s climate crisis has become increasingly dier. We’ve become acutely aware that the more we help our brands sell, the more of our planets finite resources are used up in fulfilling these increased order volumes, especially if the products being sold are not produced in a sustainable way. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has calculated the fashion industry, alone, produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Seeing as we work with brands in the fashion industry (among a whole list of other industries), we realised that we were a part of the problem, not the solution. 50% of our brand portfolio in 2020 consisted of sustainable brands – brands that produced eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, or carbon-positive products. So, in 2021, we decided to go all-in on working with sustainable brands, multiplying the positive impacts of ecommerce brands that are selling products that do not harm our already damaged environment.

The future of commerce is sustainable brands, sustainable supply chains, consumer transparency, and personalisation. Thooja is leading sustainable brands into this future, as the world’s leading ecommerce agency for scaling sustainable brands.

Going forward, we will continue to scale ecommerce brands on Shopify because that’s what we love doing but we’re making sure that our brands are sustainable and good for our planet.

How We’re “Walking The Talk” In Sustainability

We’re members of organisations that support and implement a full spectrum of environmental solutions.

Today, there are thousands of ecommerce brands that are amazing ambassadors for what it means to be a sustainable, eco-friendly brand – Patagonia, Honest Tea, and Sunski are just three examples.

However, the issue of “greenwashing” has become increasingly common in the ecommerce industry – brands realising the convenience of offering eco-friendly products to their customers to increase sales, despite these products not actually being eco-friendly or sustainable. We do not condone this false marketing.

Our talk is cheap about how other businesses are not doing right by our planet. We’re “walking the talk” by joining organisations that implement solutions (such as tree planting and environmental awareness campaigns) to help heal our planet from carbon emissions. Our membership in these organisations helps cement our commitment to multiplying positive impacts for our environment through our work.

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Our Sustainable Clients 

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