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Our journey from owning ecommerce stores to growing sustainable ecommerce brands on Shopify.

Our Story - Thooja

Our Founding Story

Thooja was founded out of frustration at the “smoke and mirrors” approach of agencies we worked with while running our own ecommerce stores.

Our founder, Ultan O’Callaghan, co-founded his fifth ecommerce store, FUTCoinTraders, in 2014. An online marketplace for buying and selling in-game virtual currencies for the widely successful FIFA video game franchise, FUTCoinTraders exploded in popularity in 2015. Ultan looked for help with scaling the marketing side of the business while his team focused on fulfilling orders for new and repeat customers. One year and four agencies (and four terrible experiences) later, Ultan realised the opportunity to start an agency that focused on transparency and results. After exiting FUTCoinTraders in 2015 (after an acquisition by a company in the United Kingdom), Ultan launched Thooja.

What Makes Thooja Unique

We’ve been helping brands sell more on Shopify since 2015. We’re ROI-driven, which means we understand that the more we help you win, the longer you’ll want to work with us. That’s why we have a 100% brand retention rate, despite having no long-term contracts. Most important, we’re also store owners so we truly understand your unique challenges of running an ecommerce business.

Shopify Specialists

As Certified Shopify Partners, we specialise in growing Shopify stores. 100% of our time is spent working with brands using Shopify’s platform.


When you win, we win. When we help you reach new customers and generate new sales every month, you’ll want to continue working with Thooja.

100% Retention Rate

Brands love working with us – that’s most evident in our 100% brand retention rate. That’s despite us not operating on long-term contracts.

Full Transparency over Work

On Notion (our project management tool), you’ll have complete visibility over what we’re working on to grow your brand. No more smoke and mirrors.

Highly-Selective Portfolio

We don’t take on every brand that approaches us. We’ll only work with brands that are ethical and that want to grow sustainably.

Love What We Do

We get a kick out of helping your business grow, we love Shopify and we love technology. All in all, it’s the perfect recipe for a successful partnership.

Sustainable Ecommerce Growth

We’re the world’s leading ecommerce agency for sustainable brands.

We help influence the global adoption of natural, organic, and eco-friendly products.
As a sustainable ecommerce agency we work with like-minded brands that aspire to influence the global adoption of natural, organic and eco-friendly products, driving change in consumer buying habits and positive impact for the planet.

We’re committed to the ecommerce industry integrity and only work with businesses doing good things, maximising our positive impact and sustainability as a sustainability ecommerce agency.

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