Building a best-in-class ecommerce store on Shopify for Ireland’s only traditionally-woven wool brand Ériu.

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The Ask

Ériu is a new, premium wool brand in Ireland. Ériu was looking to launch its online ecommerce presence with wool blankets, sourced only from Irish farmers working with select sheep breeds. Their blankets are lovingly handcrafted in Ireland with attention to ancient practices.

Ériu wanted a Shopify ecommerce store on which to showcase and sell their products.

Ériu looked for an ecommerce partner with expertise in using the Shopify platform. Ériu spoke with the Thooja team, who believed deeply in the mission of an Irish wool brand made using wool only from Irish sheep.

Eriu Home Page Screenshot - Thooja

The Solution

Thooja built a best-in-class ecommerce experience for Ériu, on the Shopify platform. Ériu’s website is focused on storytelling and informing shoppers on the brand value of Ériu. Ériu’s products are extremely unique, in that they use wool only from Irish sheep. This was important for the Thooja team to convey throughout the website. 

Furthermore, animated images were used to make the Ériu website as visually striking as possible.

Given the premium pricepoint of Ériu’s products, it was incredibly important to have a fast, responsive shopping experience for Ériu’s shoppers. We achieved this through lazy loading and compression of images, gifs, and videos.

Overall, the Ériu team is thrilled with their new online store. We’re continuing to work with Ériu on an ongoing basis to market their brand on social media and in paid advertising. 

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