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Want to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme? Look no further.

The TOV is a funding initiative by the Local Enterprise Office under the Government’s National Digital Strategy. This government strategy is focused on getting more small businesses to sell their products and services online because online sales account for an ever-increasing percentage of sales across all industries. You can use the grant to improve your online sales and reach new markets

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme provides funding for up to €2,500 (90% of the investment, whichever is less) of your business’ investment in improving your online presence. Your business must fund 10% of the investment to be eligible. So, for example, if you are hiring an ecommerce agency to develop a new ecommerce website for your business and their quote is €4,000, your business would pay €1,500 and the Local Enterprise Office would pay €2,500. If you are starting a smaller project at €500, then your business would pay €50 and the Local Enterprise Office would pay €450.

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