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Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns that fuel your ecommerce brand’s growth and drive new sales.

Shopify Google Shopping Ads Agency

Google Shopping Ads

Our Paid Search Ecommerce Experts will get your products featured in the shopping section of Google. Our PPC strategies for Shopify ecommerce turn online browsing into online buying. With Google Shopping PPC campaigns, you reach the shoppers who matter most: the ones searching for what you sell.


Merchant Center Support

A successful Google Shopping PPC campaign starts with a well-maintained product feed and merchant center account. Our internal data feed team stays ahead of the curve on merchant center changes to provide assistance with troubleshooting issues. Elevate helps Shopify brands interpret these errors to ensure their products are active and ready to start advertising.


Shopify Google Merchant Center Support
Shopify Google Ads Retargeting Agency

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is an essential piece of your PPC strategy for ecommerce and will help you capitalise on your ad spend. Remarketing works by dropping a cookie on the browser of anyone that has been to your site. Elevate uses that cookie to show these past visitors image ads created specifically for your business and products as they visit other websites in order to close the gap and get them back to your site.

Branded Search Campaigns

Elevate helps ecommerce brands capture the traffic searching on Google for branded terms. Elevate helps Seymours show at the top of Google search ads for “seymours” in Ireland. Our PPC experts help build brand trust through branded search campaigns.

Shopify Google Search Campaigns Agency
Search Engines for Organic Traffic - Elevate Digital

Keyword Strategy

Our team ensures that your PPC ads are being seen primarily by people most interested in your products and ready to buy from you by optimizing single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) to target high-traffic as well as niche keywords. Combining this with our well-crafted landing pages and ad copy will let shoppers know that they’ve come to the right place. Elevate also helps brands target negative keywords in these same ad groups, ensuring that your PPC ads won’t be seen by people outside your target audience, boosting your return on investment.


Landing Page Design

Elevate helps brands engage their shoppers and convince them to make purchases by designing mobile-responsive landing pages for our Google Ad campaigns. Our PPC experts use tools like dynamic text replacement to ensure landing page copy matches keyword and ad copy to minimize user confusion, offer social proof like reviews and testimonials to build trust, and optimize for the best user experience so that would-be customers aren’t tempted to click away.


Shopify Landing Page Website Design Agency
Shopify Analytics by Elevate Digital

Analytics and Optimisation

Elevate doesn’t “set it and forget it” when it comes to ecommerce PPC management for our partners. Our team doesn’t stop optimizing your PPC campaigns once they’re live; we regularly A/B test to identify and remove irrelevant keywords, improve conversion rates on ads and landing pages, and find new keywords we should be potentially targeting.


PPC Clients

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